Labour’s Failures Part 1 – Kiwibuild

I am going to profile each major area where Labour has failed to deliver on their promises. The first is their most major – Kiwibuild.

They promised 100,000 Kiwibuild homes in ten years. The black line shows the 100,000 target pro-rata over ten years. The brown line shows their actual detailed promise of how many by when and the red line their actual delivery.

But that is only the three years to date. Let’s look at the ten year picture.

Labour promised that by now they would be producing over 800 affordable homes a month. In reality they have not even managed that many in over two years.

The Kiwibuild policy was the biggest con job of our lifetimes. The promise of 100,000 affordable homes made young NZers think that there would be an affordable house just waiting for them to win in the ballot.

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