Trump’s judicial appointments

Assuming Trump gets to nominate and confirm RBG’s replacement, his judicial appointments will be:

  • 3 Supreme Court Justices (out of 9)
  • 53 Appellate Court Judges (out of 179)
  • 159 District Court Judges (out of 678)
  • 22 other judges

He is likely to end up with over 200 district court appointments, but the real impact is the number of Judges to the Appeal Courts as only 2% of their decisions get appealed.

Here’s the list of Presidents who have appointed the most Appellate Judges:

  1. Reagan 83/8 years
  2. Clinton 66/8 years
  3. GW Bush 62/8 years
  4. Carter 59/4 years
  5. Obama 55/8 years
  6. Trump 53/3.5 years
  7. FDR 51/13 years
  8. Nixon 51/8 years

So Trump has appointed the most proportional to his time in office.

The leading contenders for the Supreme Court are:

  • Amy Comey Barrett, aged 48, 7th circuit
  • Barbara Lagoa, aged 52, 11th circuit
  • Allison Jones Rushing, aged 38, 4th circuit

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