Labour’s Failures Part 4 – homelessness

Jacinda Ardern told the Guardian that her Government would eliminate homelessness.

Now the definition of who is homeless can vary, but one of the better measures of those with the most pressing need is the social housing register run by the Ministry of Social Development, specifically those on the Priority A waitlist. These are defined as:

People who are considered at risk and includes households with a severe and persistent housing need that must be addressed immediately. The household is unable to access and/or sustain suitable, adequate and affordable alternative housing.

So those with an urgent severe and persistent housing need. This definition means it is relatively objective, and isn’t likely to be influenced merely by more people applying for social housing. To be Priority A you need to be at risk.

So what has happened under Labour. The Priority A waiting list when National left office was 4,054. In three years did they manage to eliminate it? Or even half it? 20% reduction? 10%?

This is also one of their biggest fails. Not only have they failed to progress towards their goal, they’ve gone backwards. In under three years the’ve seen those in the most critical housing need increase 350%.

Imagine what it will be given another three years? 30,000? 40,000?

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