Labour’s renewable promise just hot air

NewstalkZB reports:

Labour is promising to bring forward the Government’s 100 per cent renewable electricity generation target by five years if they are re-elected.

But to get to this ambitious target, the next government will need to spend $4 billion on an energy generation plan at the bottom of the South Island.

The Labour-led Government’s policy during this term in power was to have all of New Zealand’s electricity renewable by 2035.

But, speaking to reporters in Taupō this afternoon, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said her party would bring that forward to 2030.

This should be filed in the same folder as Kiwibuild and Auckland Light Rail.

Under National, the share of renewable electricity did increase significantly – from 65.4% to 81.9%. That’s an increase of 16.5%. Since 2017 it has increased only a further 0.5% in two years.

As always Labour ig good on rhetoric, and bad on delivery.

Do you know the big increase since 2017? It has been coal.

In 2008 coal used for electricity was 4,515 GWh. By 2017 it had dropped to 1,133. That’s a 75% drop.

What has happened under two years of Jacinda? An 87% increase from 1,133 to 2,118.

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