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The One News Colmar Brunton poll is:

  • 48% (-5%)
  • National 31% (-1%)
  • ACT 7% (+2%)
  • 6% (+1%)
  • 2% (nc)
  • New Conservatives 2%
  • TOP 1%
  • Advance NZ 1%

Obviously still a great result for Labour, despite dropping 5%. But if they drop another 5% then it gets interesting.

It looks like are out of it. The are far from also. Last election ONCB had the poll 8.0% and they got 6.3% – a 1.7% difference. If that occured again they’d get 4.3%. Not guaranteed you get the same error but over all eight MMP elections the Greens on average do 1.1% worse than the polls. So very tight for them.

If no then it is 48% and National/ACT on 38%. Still a large 10% margin but one that is closeable.

Again this is a good poll for Labour and the left – no doubt. But if the under-perform as usual, then Labour needs to stay in the high 40s to be safe.

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