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This week’s ONCB poll:

Labour Party – 47% (down 1%)
National Party – 33% (up 2%)
ACT – 8% (up 1%)
Green Party – 7% (up 1%)
New Zealand First – 1% (down 1%)
New Conservative – 1% (down 1%)
The Opportunities Party – 1% 
Māori Party – 1%
Advance New Zealand – 1% 

Labour is on 47% and National/ACT on 41%. If the Greens didn’t make it, then the race would be getting competitive. They Greens normally underperform to their polls, but 7% should be safe for them.

Key things to look for in next week’s poll will be where the Greens are and if the gap between Labour and National/ACT narrows further.

Best news of course is NZ First on 1%.

In the NRR poll they were in 6th place. It is possible on this poll they are in 9th place!

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