Not a bad idea

ACT announced:

“ACT would end the climate hypocrisy in Wellington by slashing taxpayer-funded flights to Parliament by 25 percent,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Politicians spend a lot of time talking about climate change. MPs can take one simple action to help the planet and the taxpayer.

“Instead of preaching about the planet, politicians should lead by example when it comes to addressing climate change by committing to individual action that will have real, measurable benefits.

“Parliament has talked about putting solar panels on the roof and turning the Beehive green, but these changes would make little difference when MPs fly en masse into Wellington 30 times a year.

“Almost no other group of New Zealanders has an unlimited air travel budget. Ironically, it’s often the politicians who talk about climate change the most who report the biggest air travel expenses each quarter.

“Parliamentarians could take one simple action to help the climate and save the taxpayer significant money.

“ACT proposes to change the parliamentary calendar so that MPs sit for four days a week for 23 weeks a year, instead of three days a week for 30 weeks. “This would reduce the number of flights taken by MPs, and carbon emissions, by around 25 percent.

I like this proposal.

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