The salient fact the Stuff story doesn’t mention

Stuff has a story about how terrible it is 83 year old Alf Vincent has not been given parole. It quotes at length his lawyer and provides almost no detail on why he has preventive detention except for a references to charges of indecent assault.

You need to google to find a previous story which notes:

He was charged with indecently assaulting 13 boys aged between 8 and 15 between 1963 and 1968, when he was 25, though he is believed to have sexually abused more than 100 boys

And the previous story noted:

He hasn’t become less sexualised in his old age. In fact his lawyer, Michael Starling, said he had become less discriminatory. 

“According to psychologist reports, despite his elderly age, he has a strong and persistent pattern of highly sexualised behaviour,” panel convener and former High Court judge Marion Frater said at his 2015 hearing.

This is all revent stuff that should have been in this latest story, rather than just reporting what his new layer says verbatim.

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