Biden’s lead now double digits

Biden, for the first time, has a double digit lead in the 538 poll average. It is now 10.1%. It was 6.6% just three weeks ago.

A double digit gap is generally considered landslide territory.

People need to understand that while there are polling errors, they will not reverse a 10% gap. The average Brexit polls had a loss by around 2% and they won by around 2%. In 2016 the national polls had Clinton ahead by around 4% and she won popular vote by 2%.

Polling errors can be significant in very close races. They are not in landslides.

Of course there are 25 days to go, but that isn’t a lot of time. There may not even be any more debates, and some states have started advance voting.

Also he really can’t help himself. After it is revealed the Governor of Michigan was the subject of a plot to kidnap her and hold a “treason trial”, Trump’s literal very first words were “Governor Whitmer of Michigan has done a terrible job”. That’s not going to convince any swinging voters.

Anyway for those who think I am relentlessly negative on Trump, I am writing a blog post on the 10 things I most like about Trump. I will also do one on the 10 things I least like.

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