Debate watchers say Seymour won the minor leaders debate

TVNZ reports:

TVNZ’s election tool, Vote Compass, asked people: ‘From what you saw, heard or read about the debate, who do you think won?’

Among those who watched the debate, 32 per cent of respondents said ACT leader David Seymour won. 

Meanwhile, 21 per cent said Greens Party co-leader James Shaw won, 11 per cent said the winner was NZ First leader Winston Peters, four per cent said it was Māori Party co-leader John Tamihere and two per cent said Advance New Zealand co-leader Jami-Lee Ross won the debate.

Now this is a self selecting survey, but as those who watched the debate are self selecting also this is less of an issue than normal.

Matches general feedback that Seymour did very well.

It is quite possible after the election that Seymour will be leader of the third largest party in Parliament. Here’s the number of MPs ACT has had under MMP:

  • 1996: Eight
  • 1999:Nine
  • 2002: Nine
  • 2005: Two
  • 2008: Five
  • 2011: One
  • 2014: One
  • 2017: One

Again it is quite possible 2020 will see ACT’s largest ever caucus.

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