Fisking Jacinda’s speech

Newshub has Jacinda’s rally speech. As some media are reporting it uncritically, I will point out some inconvenient facts:

So imagine if you will that it’s 2030. 

Imagine a year 13 years after I became PM, so only if I get five terms can I be judged against what I promise.

We are now a country where children living in has halved.

Her current commitment is to do so by 2027, so in fact this is a promise to make even less progress.

Where we’ve ended our waitlist. 

The waitlist which has grown 330% in her first term.

We’re a country that runs on 100 percent renewable energy.

Renewable has dropped in her first term.

And now, in the year 2030, we have long eliminated COVID-19 too, and our economy and country has built back better.

What, is she saying it might tax five or six more years to eliminate Covid-19?

COVID didn’t end child poverty. COVID didn’t end the crisis. COVID didn’t make climate change disappear. 

All those stats were getting worse, before Covid-19 struck.

But thankfully, before the pandemic arrived on our shores, we sowed the seeds of change.

The only seeds of change were stagnation.

We’ve built over 600 homes

They promised 100,000 in ten years.

We will see 100 percent renewable generation brought forward to 2030. 

Again they have gone backwards on this goal.

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