Green MP has no problems being called a Marxist

Stuff reports:

Menéndez March worked as an anti-poverty activist with Auckland Action Against Poverty prior to coming to Parliament.

“If people want to call me a Marxist because I raise the issue that a few people own a lot of homes at the expense of our homeless community and employers don’t pay fair wages – so be it,” Menéndez March said.

He said Marx had a “useful way of viewing the world” and he had no issue with being described as one.

If someone has no issue with being described as a Marxist, then it is a safe conclusion they are a Marxist.

It is interesting that Marxism has killed as many (or more) people as fascism, yet the media treat them so differently.

Imagine if a NZ MP said they had no issue with being described as a fascist!

I also note that Menendez March is trying to paint any criticism of him as being due to his ethnicity or sexual orientation. But he is polarising on the left, as well as the right. Take this tweet from a former Green staffer:

I don’t think anyone seriously suggests Clint has a negative view of Menendez March because he is Mexican or gay.

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