Jew hating by Action Zealandia

Action Zealandia don’t just dislike foreigners and immigration, but also the Joooos!!

It seems the Jews are behind the Black Lives Matter movement in the US according to the article!

Back in the heydays of Barack Obama’s ‘leadership’, there was a call to modify legislation to accommodate foreign interests, led by Rabbi Mark Diamond, director of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Jewish Committee.  Diamond organized one of those many interfaith ‘dialogues’ that consisted in looking out over the US border towards Mexico and complaining that there aren’t enough illegals living in America. The timing was important because an immigration reform was on the table and the Jews, ever thoughtful, wanted to make a spectacle and guilt trip Americans into accepting people that have no right to be in their country. It seems whenever the US is in talks about reviewing its legislation, agents of an enemy Nation have the cojones to step in and mislead public opinion, in order to interfere with the law-making process:

So the Jews are agents of an enemy Nation.

We have politicians in our government, making our laws, telling us what it means to be an American and in which direction America should be moving, who are citizens of Israel, and no one blinks an eye.

The enemy loves telling us who we are and what we stand for.

Again Jews are the enemy.

Jews continue to enmesh themselves into our societies via their nepotism and tribalistic cohesion

Jews are under the bed and enmeshed!

Today, we are not allowed to criticize or even notice certain things regarding Jews. A great portion of Western, Central and Eastern Europe (apart from Spain, UK, Scandinavia and the Netherlands) criminalizes dissension from the holocaust narrative. This event is not only promoted to the hilt on countries that played no role in it, but it is also the official State Dogma in those countries. Try questioning that dogma and see what happens – your mileage may vary. Just ask 91 year old Ursula Haverbeck if you’re allowed to visit her in prison, that is. That will teach her! For those who cannot visit her but are nonetheless interested in her point of view, I recommend her interview with Panorama, in which she declared passionately: “the Truth needs no laws”. Her sentence is set to end this coming November, so fingers crossed. Her crime was asking pertinent and inconvenient questions to State officials and then to Jewish organizations. 

She didn’t just ask questions. She married a Nazi and is a Holocaust denier. Now I disagree with the countries that criminalise Holocaust denial (while understanding why Germany does) but again she doesn’t just ask questions. She claims the mass destruction of Jews was a myth. She has claimed Hitler had a “divine mission” in the world-historical context. She has also threatened Jews with a new pogrom and claimed Auschwitz as a place of death is not proven, but just opinion. Sure she shouldn’t be in jail, but she isn’t exactly a benign person.

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