Mellow closes the gap in Auckland Central

TVNZ’s Q+A has released a poll of 500 people in Auckland Central.

A poll a couple of weeks ago by TV3’s had Labour’s Helen White 16% ahead of National’s Emma Mellow.

poll has the gap at just 5%, which is within the margin of error, and shows the race is now very close.

The results are:

  • Helen White (Lab) 35% (-7.3% from poll)
  • Emma Mellow (Nat) 30% (+3.4%)
  • Chloe Swarbrick (Green) 26% (+1.8%)

Swarbrick is 9% behind White, which is well outside the margin of error. However if Swarbrick does pick up support from White, it will benefit Mellow’s chances.

If the gap has gone from 16% to 5% in a fortnight, then it could be a very tight race between White and Mellow over the final two weeks.

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