Labour and Greens want to make Parliament less proportional

Stuff reports:

A maximum four-year parliamentary term, lowering the five per cent threshold and abolishing the coat-tail rule could be on the way as part of the Labour-Greens cooperation agreement.

A four year term is a great idea but must be decided by referendum, not MPs.

There is a case to lower the 5% threshold, but this should only be done if there is consensus amongst the parties.

Abolishing the one electorate threshold is a bad idea. It makes Parliament less proportional as it makes it harder for parties to qualify for List MPs.

It is arguably anti-Maori Party also.

They have provisionally won Waiariki. They also got 1.0% of the party vote. If they had got 1.2% then under the current law they would get a List MP. Labour and Greens want to deny the Maori Party the opportunity to get List MPs.

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