Scotland to criminalise dinner conversations!

Here we see where politicians who push hate speech laws want to take us.

The Times reports:

Conversations over the dinner table that incite hatred must be prosecuted under Scotland’s hate crime law, the justice secretary has said.

Journalists and theatre directors should also face the courts if their work is deemed to deliberately stoke up prejudice, Humza Yousaf said.

This has of course been done before. I think it was in East Germany.

The Public Order Act 1986, which currently outlaws threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour, includes a “dwelling defence” that states threatening language cannot be prosecuted if spoken at home.

The new bill will be based on that act, but Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf has made clear his hope that a “dwelling defence” will not be included.

Just imagine this. You have a debate over dinner about whether transgender athletes should compete in the Olympics according to their biological sex or their gender identity. Someone can then complaint to the Police that you incited hatred towards trans people and the Police come knocking to interview you about your dinner conversation.

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