The Labour/Green deal

The have accepted the paltry offering from Labour, because it is basically better than nothing. But it is pretty minor. The key aspects are:

  • Greens will vote for or abstain on confidence and supply
  • Greens will vote with on procedural motions in the House and select committees, except urgency
  • Marama Davidson is made Minister for the prevention of Family and Sexual Violence
  • James Shaw is Minister of Climate Change
  • Green MPs get to chair one select committee and deputy chair another
  • Co-Leaders get to meet Jacinda once every six weeks

So there is nothing specific on policy. The two ministerial portfolios are ones with basically no power. They have no agency that they can direct. All they can do is co-ordinate.

Chairing a select committee is of slight use. Being a deputy chair is of no use. Deputy Chairs have no power.

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