McCarten and Bradbury plan a doxxing campaign

Stuff reports:

t’s a serene, sunny Sunday summer’s morning in the suburbs. Only birdsong and the odd lawnmower punctuate the serenity. Then a flame-red truck rolls around the corner and disgorges a uniformed squad of union activists, who leaflet-drop your neighbours, chant, sing, and organise a picket line at your front fence.

This, says, Matt McCarten, is utu. After three years of “plotting in the dark” since his exit from the Labour Party’s high command, this is his solution for worker exploitation.

The targets for his Sunday “church for sinners” will be the recalcitrant employers whom he cannot get to the negotiating table to hear complaints against them of bullying, sexual harassment and migrant exploitation.

If an employer has bullied or harassed or exploited them complaints should be laid with the ERA or MBIE who can prosecute.

But instead McCarten is demanding they must deal with him rather than the legal authorities, and if not he’ll harass them at home.

He’ll publish stories on Martyn Bradbury’s Daily Blog, use a social media team to disseminate it further, publish their names, photographs, home address and phone numbers. “I am going to be quite hardline on this,” he says, “and I know there will be some pushback.”

This is doxxing. When Cactus Kate joked about doing it to someone, the left and media went on about it as if it was the crime of the century. You now have two left activists declaring in a newspaper they are going to dox people, and not a peep.

That leaves most reliant on advocates such as McCarten, many of whom work on a percentage of the settlement. McCarten says One Union will take a case through to mediation for $500, payment deferred if the client can’t afford it, and ask for a voluntary donation of 10% of any settlement towards the union fighting fund – and he’ll cover his own wage through demanding his costs from the employer.

So this is in fact a money making venture. Agree to negotiate with us, rather than use the legal process, or we will dox you and harrass you at home – and we get 10% of the cut.

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