Radio NZ wrong on sea level rise

Radio NZ reports:

Even the best-case scenarios suggest a minimum sea level rise of 50 centimetres by the end of the 21st century. It could be as much as three metres.

As always I turn to the IPCC as the consensus on the science. Not because it is necessarily right, but it is the most authoritative source. Their 2018 report on sea level rise (page 277) shows that the best case scenario for business as usual is 31 cms, and as low as 15 cms under different policy scenarios. It is simply wrong to say the best case scenario is 50 cms. It is between 15 and 31 cms.

The assertion it could be as much as three metres is also flawed. You can’t say it is wrong because I could assert that a large meteor could hit the planet in 2025 and it could happen.

But how does the three metres used by Radio NZ compared to the IPCC. What is their worst case scenario for business as usual? It is 110 cms, not 300 cms.

So Radio NZ should apologise for misrepresenting the scientific consensus.

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