Housing waitlist up 266% in Labour’s first term

Stuff reports:

The waitlist for a state or social home grew by more than a thousand in September, to 21,415 households.

This new record high for the end of September continues years of surging growth on the waitlist – the figure is up about 7000 households on a year ago, and is about four times higher than it was when the Labour-led Government was elected in 2017.

The waiting list has increased by 266%, so indeed almost four fold.

In Labour’s first year it grew by 63%. In their second year by 47% and last year by 53%. In raw terms it increased by 15,571.

In National’s last term the waiting list grew by 1,655 (around 10% of the growth under Labour) or in percentage terms by 39% compared to 266% under Labour.

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