SCOTUS rejects Trump coup 9-0

NPR reports:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an effort to overturn the results of the presidential election in Pennsylvania, signaling the high court would not go along with President Trump’s unprecedented efforts to win another term despite a decisive defeat in the popular vote and Electoral College.

The lawsuit was brought by Republican Rep. Mike Kelly, who argued a 2019 state law authorizing universal mail-in voting is unconstitutional and that all ballots cast by mail in the general election in Pennsylvania should be thrown out.

This is no surprise. I would have been amazed if even a single Justice had found a skerrick of merit in the lawsuit.

Of all the lawsuits Trump and his allies have pushed, this is one of the most outraegous.

The lawsuit is from a state legislator Mark Kelly. His argument is that the law allowing universal mail-in voting in Pennsylvania is unconstitutional and hence the remedy is to throw out the entire election results for President (but not any other race).

Now to understand how bad faith this is, you need to understand that the 2019 law was not passed by Democrats, but by Republicans. The GOP has a majority in both the lower and upper state houses, and it was supported by their state leadership.

So the GOP is arguing a law change they championed and voted for in 2019 is in fact unconstitutional and its passage should invalidate the election. Incredible.

Also of course Kelly never took the issue to court before the presidential election, despite having 18 months to do so. It is only after Trump lost they he decided it was unconstitutional.

So Trump and his team has lost again. Last Friday they lost six cases in six states all within three hours. They are the bestest at losing ever.

Mind you it has been a great money maker for Trump. He has conned $200 million out of supporters to fund these lawsuits and spent only $10 million on them. So he pockets $190 million.

Having lost in 40 different courts, and having had all the states certify the results, he has been trying to get state legislatures to overturn the votes and appoint their own electors. None have been suicidal enough to agree to date, so there is no doubt the Electoral College will vote for Biden.

His last gasp is to try and get Congress the overturn the Electoral College votes when they count them. Already some lapdogs have petitioned for the results from some states to be disputed. But again this has no chance of success, if you know how the Electoral Count Act of 1887 works.

  • An objection is only valid if both a member of the House and a Senator object in writing. Finding a House member willing to sell his self respect is easy enough, but Senators are more cautious. Without a Senator objecting, there is no vote
  • If there is an objection, both the the House and Senate meet separately to consider the objection. And both the House and Senate by simple majority must uphold the objection. This would require Democratic House members to vote for it, and in the Senate would require 50 of the potentially 52 GOP Senators. Neither will occur.
  • Even if say the Senate votes for one slate of electors and the House for another, the slate certified by the Governor is declared valid. So Trump can’t steal the election just with the Senate.

So Trump will continue with his money making scam as long as possible, but it will not change the reality that Joe Biden will be President of the United States after midday on the 20th of January.

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