The martial law advocates

My Daily News reports:

President Trump has ratcheted up his efforts to overturn the results of the election as right-wing conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell returned to the White House.

Powell, who was ousted just days ago from Trump’s legal team, is pitching extremist ideas like seizing voting machines or even declaring martial law.

After bending Trump’s ear Friday in the Oval Office along with disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Powell was back at the White House lobbying aides to join her quixotic push.

Powell and Flynn, who needed a presidential pardon to avoid prison for lying to the FBI, are vociferously urging Trump to issue an executive order or take other action to seize voting machines in swing states won by President-elect Joe Biden.

Flynn has openly called for Trump to proclaim martial law to order a rerun of the election in some states that Trump lost.

I never thought I would read stories about how a US President who lost an election would have people in the Oval Office advocating he declare martial law as a way of avoiding leaving office.

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