Proven US Election Voter Fraud – Part 1: Retail Voter Fraud


During the dead zone of the Christmas and summer holidays in NZ, I thought I’d report on what actual evidence there is of election fraud in the US Presidential election. This will be a 4 part series and will focus only on aspects of fraud that can be proven and that are consequential, by that I mean, on a scale sufficient to tip enough votes back to Trump to overcome a result in particular states. In my first post on this subject, it was a scattergun of all known and reported types of fraud and I did this only 7 days after the election when less was known and unearthed than is known now.

Let me preface this by casting Kiwiblog readers’ minds back to the 2008 Presidential election and the time when Republican nominee John McCain announced that Sarah Palin, the former mayor of Visalia, Alaska would be his running mate. It was a shock announcement designed to provide some kind of youthful foil to the aged McCain struggling to compete against the charismatic young Barack Obama. The mainstream media were intent on assisting Obama’s election and so took the Palin threat seriously and many large media organisations spent large sums on a cadre of investigative reporters who travelled to Alaska and literally dumpster dived for dirt on Palin and came up with a torrent of negative family and personal issues that were given front page prominence. We can see the same tenacity employed by the Washington Post alone in the initial months of the Watergate scandal in 1974, efforts that eventually led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation prior to likely impeachment from office. These stories illustrate that when the media want to get to the bottom of something, they leave no stone unturned to get to the truth.

When it comes to ensuring the election of Joe Biden, the mainstream media have excelled in running cover for Biden and excoriating Trump and so when allegations of voter fraud began to emerge on and after 3 November 2020, not only were they incurious, they soon joined forces to demand proof and then were disinterested in investigating or reporting on the proof except to report on all the failed law suits, to urge Trump to concede and to label his supporters as unpatriotic deniers of the reality of Biden’s election. Establishment Republicans soon joined the never-Trumpers as did establishment right leaning media (Fox News, National Review, and a number of centre right media people, even many who supported Trump), all adopting a view that even if there was fraud, it was hard to prove sufficient to overturn the election result and that Trump and his followers should move on to fight another day. Thus, it has been left to a group of lesser known conservative writers, bloggers, former politicians and media personalities and a bunch of forensic accountants, auditors, cyber security experts, statisticians, constitutional lawyers, and data analysts to crunch the numbers, look at the patterns and examine and report on the evidence, reporting that has gone almost completely unnoticed even ignored by the mainstream media. The mainstream media narrative on election fraud, despite the near blackout of reporting on evidence of the fraud (despite the constant hue and cry to produce evidence), has slowly evolved from: there was no fraud at all to, there was a little bit of fraud but there’s always been fraud so what’s the big to deal to, well perhaps there was more fraud this time than in previous election to, there maybe was more widespread fraud but not enough to overturn individual states’ results to, whatever fraud there was it’s too late now to do anything as all the officials and courts have ruled that the results should stand.

I am going to focus on 4 specific examples of proven fraud in each part of the series and will do so in detail and to look at the some of the attempts to rebut these specific claims.

1 – Retail fraud

2 – Mass Chain of Custody Infractions

3 – Forensic audit of voting machines in Michigan

4 – Video and statistical evidence in Georgia

These four examples are by no means the full and complete list of voter fraud as the list is long and growing. In the last part I will examine some of the court actions and resulting rulings.

Proving fraud to the level of proof required in a criminal case (beyond reasonable doubt) is not easy because those committing fraud go to extraordinary lengths to cover their tracks. Often the case has to be built incrementally with fragments of proof from different sources. Usually this means some documentary evidence like bank statements, invoices, and other paper trails, often there are unusual patterns of flow of funds and of behaviour of the accused, some of this can be proven by historical comparison and others by use of affidavits from persons associated with the fraudsters who report unusual behaviour. Then there are background interviews with persons acquainted with the personal circumstances of the accused to build up provable motives. Large fraud trials such as the Bernie Madoff giant Ponzi scheme took years to bring to trial and consumed huge resources of large Federal agencies such as the SEC and FBI. In the case of proving election fraud to a level that courts or legislatures will take the extreme step of ruling an election invalid and awarding a state’s electors to the opponent alleging the fraud, those are history making decisions that require more than just circumstantial evidence and the proving of it must be done in days and weeks because the Constitution requires that a new President be inaugurated on January 20th after the election. It is a tall order no matter how widespread fraud might appear to be.

Retail Fraud

Retail fraud is defined as the counting of illegal votes cast by voters ineligible to vote or cast in an illegal manner as opposed to institutional fraud where portions of a state’s election procedures are unconstitutional resulting in whole categories of votes being counted when state electoral law says otherwise or industrial fraud involving possible manipulation of voting machines that count ballots. Retail fraud occurs in various ways. I am going to concentrate on provable instances on a scale that exceeds that of the narrow Biden current margins in the 4 of the 6 key battleground states (in bold) where widespread fraud is alleged (Arizona – AZ, Georgia – GA, Michigan – MI, Nevada – NV, Pennsylvania – PA and Wisconsin – WI). Note the current Electoral College Vote split is Biden 306 – Trump 232

1 – Ineligible voters in Wisconsin (margin for Biden 20,682 – 10 ECV)

Dane County, WI Circuit Court Judge Troupis testified under oath to the US Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing on 2020 Election Irregularities on December 16th and identified the following categories of illegally cast votes in WI:

* Absentee voters who escaped signature scrutiny by falsely claiming to be indefinitely confined

28,395 illegal voters are identified as falsely using this status (Wisconsin has enacted some of the strictest voter verification procedures in the country that were flagrantly breached in the 2020 election. If you want to vote via absentee ballot in WI, you have to apply to have a ballot sent so as to have your signature on file and you have to have furnished additional evidence of your mailing address and ID (such as a utility bill and driver’s license). You must also have a witness verify your application and the witness’ signature must also be verified. County Clerks in Democrat heavy Milwaukee and Dane counties (covering the largest city Milwaukee and the liberal WI capital and college town of Madison) made public suggestions on social media that voters could circumvent these strict procedures by registering as Indefinitely Confined (IC). Voters so designated are exempted from the witness and signature verification process due to their physical infirmity. Being confined by Covid was not deemed by the legislature as qualifying to be Indefinitely Confined. For the last 5 elections, the numbers of WI voters who registered as IC remained stable and low at around 70,000. The WI Supreme Court ordered the County Clerks to cease to promote such activity as being in contravention of WI electoral law. That however did not stop a surge in 2020 registrations for IC to over 200,000 voters. Furthermore, the Voter Integrity Project investigated the social media pages of 84 random recent IC registrations and found photo and video evidence of people biking, attending weddings, swimming, hiking, attending protests, some were registered poll workers and even one of Biden’s WI electors claimed this status! Of the 84 surveyed, 45% were shown to have fraudulently used the IC process to circumvent the signature matching process of absentee ballots).

* Absentee ballots with improperly completed envelope certificates that were counted

3,000 + (these were actual real votes checked during the recount. WI law is extremely strict, if the outside of the absentee ballot is not properly completed or was altered in any way, the vote must be discarded).

* Absentee ballots with no County Clerk check initials but still counted

2,000 + (absentee ballots must be checked on arrival at the Clerk’s office as being compliant with the law and the Clerk initials each ballot – this amount was just in Milwaukee and Dane Counties).

* Absentee ballots illegally cast in advance at non-authorized locations

23,293 (in just the City of Madison, this number of absentee ballots were put into 200 illegal voting boxes scattered at locations all over the city whereas WI election law states explicitly that absentee ballots can only be dropped off at an official polling location on election day or before election day, they can only be dropped off at County Clerk’s designated offices).

* People who cast absentee ballots who did not go through the statutory ballot application procedure

170,000 (Democrat County election officials arbitrarily deemed the signature on the outside of the envelopes of these ballots as an ‘application’ circumventing state election law that voters were required to submit an application for absentee ballots before the issuing of ballots specifically to enable the state to have a signature on file to compare the signature on the returned ballot with to ensure the absentee vote was legally cast).

Total illegal ballots cast in Wisconsin – 226,688. Despite submitting this voluminous evidence to election officials and to courts in litigation, Democrat officials and judges have just ignored the evidence and continued to maintain that the certifications of votes were accurate. Since Biden’s current margin of victory is only 9.1% of these illegal ballots, the Biden/Trump split on these illegal ballots only has to be 55/45 for Biden to lose. We already know that Biden won Milwaukee County’s absentee ballots by 79/20 so it would be safe to assume that had all the illegal ballots been disallowed, that Trump would’ve easily won Wisconsin.

2 – Ineligible votes in Georgia (margin for Biden 11,779 – 16 ECV)

The Trump campaign in Georgia investigated the state’s own official 2020 voter records and matched them to publicly available databases and unearthed the following list of voters who cast votes illegally. Please note this is an especially important point hence the bolding. These are actual lists of real 2020 election voters with names, addresses and sometimes dates of birth and matched against lists of convicted felons, PO Boxes and commercial mail locations, National Change of Address forms issued by the Post Office and death registers. In each category people have cast thousands of votes when they were not eligible under GA election law to do so and yet these illegal votes were counted:

* Felons who voted                                       

2,560 (it is illegal under GA law for felons to vote)

* Underage voters          

66,247 (people who turned 18 more than 6 months after November 3rd and so ineligible to vote on 3/11/20)

* Unregistered voters    

2,423 (under GA law you must be first registered to vote before you can vote just like in New Zealand)

* Voting in two states   

395 (people who moved from GA and voted in their new state AND GA)

* Voters voting from other states

15,700 (people who filled out Change of Address forms with the USPS to locations out of state and yet still voted in GA. Once you leave GA, you cannot legally vote there anymore)

* Voters using PO Box addresses              

1,043 (GA law says you must register at a physical house address not a PO Box or a commercial mail clearance facility – note a GA Democrat legislator checked 2 of the people on the list and found the box was in an apartment building)

* Deceased voters           

8,718 (people proven to have died before 3/11/20 and yet votes were recorded in their name)   

The total of PROVABLE illegally counted votes in Georgia was 97,086. The Trump campaign have furnished the state with the lists of the voters concerned and the Secretary of State’s office could match the names to ballots cast and disallow all illegally cast ballots. The SOS has refused to do so because he maintains the fiction that the election was clean and fair and does not want to admit that fraud occurred under his watch and he hides behind the already granted certifications to not check these votes. If all these illegally cast ballots were an in fact an even Trump/Biden split then Biden’s lead would hold even with the discarded votes so officials would have nothing to lose if they support discarding the illegal votes. We can only conclude that the illegal votes that should be disallowed are overwhelmingly for Biden and so officials who have certified the vote for Biden would have to reverse their decision.

3 – Ineligible voters in Nevada (Biden margin 33,596 – 6 ECV)

Trump campaign attorney Jesse Binnell testified under oath to the US Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing on 2020 Election Irregularities on December 16th and detailed the following illegal votes counted:

On August 3rd, 2020, the Nevada Legislature passed AB 4 into law allowing universal mail in voting. That meant that ALL voters on the electoral rolls (that were known to be inaccurate, poorly maintained and rarely updated) were sent mail in ballots whether they requested them or not (as is required in many of the other swing states like FL, OH, AZ, WI, and PA). Thus, mail in ballots increased ten fold from 60,000 in 2016 to 690,000 in 2020 (out of just over 2 million registered voters in NV). By checking public voting records, they were able to determine that there were:

* People voting twice

42,000 (found by actual checking of names, addresses and DOBs of voters and checking for things like use of name variants such as Bill then William or using married then maiden names)

* Dead voters

1,500 (found from comparing lists of mail-in voters with Social Security death records)

* Former NV residents voting from other states

19,000 + (this list excluded military voters and students and was found from the USPS Change of Address database)

* Voting by people with ballots sent to undeliverable addresses

8,000 + (found by matching voter addresses with a coding accuracy support system that threw up undeliverable addresses – US houses are not always numbered in sequential order like in NZ with the numbering often done to fit the number of houses into street blocks and keep house numbers in line with main streets that have numbers for names like 45th street. Thus 5 houses on one side of a street might be number 2345, 2351, 2357, 2363 and 2369. An undeliverable address would be 2365 for example).

* Votes cast from commercial or vacant addresses

15,000 + (found from USPS official records – under NV law you can only legally register from an occupied home address)

* Votes cast by non US citizens

4,000 + (found from comparing Dep’t of Motor Vehicle records of non-citizens with voter records)

This is a total of 130,000 illegally cast ballots and the determination does not come from estimations or random samples, they come from lists of ACTUAL voters comparisons with public records most of which are publicly available or can be purchased from list brokers. These comprehensive lists of fraudulent voters were furnished to Clark County election officials (covering the Las Vegas metro area) and to the NV Secretary of State’s Office and they have never been refuted, only ignored by the elected Democrats who hold those offices. Clark County election worker whistleblowers also alleged voting counting machine irregularities, but these could never be verified because the election officials would never allow any Trump campaign people access to any voting machines for the campaign to forensically examine them.

4 – Voting irregularities in Arizona (margin for Biden 10,457 – 11 ECV)

Matt Braynard of the Voter Integrity Fund and former data strategist for the Trump campaign testified before a hearing sponsored by Arizona State Legislators on December 7th in Phoenix and revealed the following about either ineligible voters:

* Nonresidents of AZ casting illegal ballots in AZ

9,500 (Analysis of National Change of Address data from the USPS showed 5,700 out of state voters cast votes in Maricopa County alone. Given MC has only 60% of all voters in AZ, the figure is reached by extrapolating the percentage of out of state ballots cast for the whole state).  

* People sent mail-in ballots whose votes were counted but they said they never returned a ballot

19,154 (The Voter Integrity Project randomly sampled 2,237 people who the Maricopa County elections database counted as a received and recorded absentee ballot vote and yet 1% of the contacted people said they never voted. In other words, somebody fraudulently voted and sent in an absentee ballot on their behalf).

Please note that Matt Braynard’s work has been challenged by experts brought in by Democrat Party defendants in lawsuits where Braynard’s statistical analysis has been submitted as part of the evidence. However, he has had other statistical experts go over his data and verify both the methods and findings here and here.

* Corrected Trump ballots miscounted for Biden

3090 (If a voter’s ballot was run through a vote tabulation machine and the machine could not read the ballot perhaps due to marks on the page or paper damage, election workers created a duplicate ballot to run that through. The Republican Party of Arizona suspected that some of these duplicate ballots were not properly transposed thus decreasing Trump’s vote tally. AZ GOP Chairwoman Dr Kelli Ward was told by Scott Jarrett, Director of the Maricopa County Elections Department on November 18th at the Logic and Accuracy Test inside the Tabulation Center that 103,000 duplicate ballots went to digital adjudication. The AZ GOP sued in Maricopa County Superior Court and the judge ordered a sample of 100 duplicate ballots be audited and of the 100 duplicate ballots examined, 1 vote that was cast for Trump was given to Biden and 1 that was cast for Trump was discarded which means a net 3 votes for Trump out of a small sample of 100 so 3%. A larger sample of 2,500 was allowed by the Maricopa Superior Court Judge Warner but the Maricopa County Attorney ordered the analysis stopped part way through to prevent the GOP from looking at the election day duplicates which came later in this sample and is where the problems in the first sample were found. The MC attorneys continued to stall until the judge’s 8 December deadline passed and his court order expired.  This saga is detailed in a series of posts on the AZ GOP You Tube channel).

Given these anomalies, and various others identified in the AZ Legislators’ hearing, the AZ Senate issued a subpoena for Dominion voting machines, digital images of scanned ballots and stored ballots so that a professional external 3rd party forensic audit of the vote in Maricopa County where the majority of Biden’s narrow lead comes from could be performed. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted 4 – 1 to ignore the subpoena and so the State Senate has gone to court to get the subpoena enforced, The same Superior Court judge who ruled on the original limited audit has ruled that the subpoena is enforceable and just yesterday, the Arizona Attorney General has filed an amicus brief supporting the State Senate and given a legal opinion supporting the legality of the subpoena. The next course of action will be to call in State Troopers to enforce the subpoena and to seize the subpoenaed equipment to enable the ordered forensic audit to proceed.

This is a total of 31,744 potentially illegally cast votes for Biden or three times his narrow margin. Flushing out these fraudulent ballots requires the cooperation of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who govern the election process in the county that has substantially contributed to Biden’s victory. His 45,000 vote lead in MC overcomes the strong Trump leads in the rural counties. These fraudulent votes are mostly in Maricopa County and Democrat stronghold Tucson in Pima County, that has not featured in the AZ GOP lawsuits, where likely the same level of fraud occurred, there were 526,000 votes cast. If the vote management and count was clean, then surely officials would welcome audits not fight them.


4 states with 43 combined Electoral College votes have proven retail fraud of a scale in each state, if properly investigated and the illegal votes were disallowed, would result in an ECV split of Trump 275 – Biden 263. This does not include Pennsylvania (20 ECV) where institutional fraud against the State Constitution took place that can only be reversed by the US Supreme Court (unlike the Texas case that they voted 7-2 to refused to hear, they have docketed to hear this case…. but on January 22nd) and Michigan (16 ECV) where industrial level fraud took place that can only be reversed by statewide forensic audits of the voting machines (unlikely to happen).

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