Another lovely person Labour wants to give parole eligibility

The Herald reports on Dean Whakatau:

Just two months after being released from prison for and sexual offences against a teenage girl, a Rotorua patched gang member started grooming another young girl.

Dean Wayne Whakatau, 41, is on the Child Sex Offender Register and has told authorities his disregard for the law is a “part of gang life”.

During the latest sexual encounter against a girl, he gave her and afterwards an unknown drug he called “crack”.

The former Black Power gang member and now Killer Beez member is back behind bars after he was jailed for seven years on 13 charges, including four charges of having unlawful sexual connection with a girl aged under 16.

Judge Greg Hollister-Jones said during sentencing in the Rotorua District Court last week, Whakatau would be jailed without parole or early release, meaning he had to serve the full term.

This is three strikes working as intended. Whakatau is obviously a recividist offender who has no regard for the law. So on his second strike he has lost parole eligibility and when he gets to his third strike he will go away for an even longer time, protecting the community.

Labour is going to change the law so that he is eligible for parole after just 28 months!

Whakatau has a chequered criminal background, with the court hearing he had 110 previous convictions.

Just needs some more hugs.

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