Bomber on hate speech laws

Bomber Bradbury writes:

I philosophically hate religion for many, many, many fucking good reasons, but because NZ is a liberal democracy, I tolerate religion.

I tolerate Scientology, I tolerate the Exclusive Brethren & I tolerate those who believe in a magical invisible flying wizard for all their personal choices!

I also tolerate that they don’t pay tax – BUT I SURE AS FUCK refuse point blank to fear them!

We lose to criticise religion? How the hell is that anything other than a victory for the terrorist?

This is a liberal SECULAR Democracy, if you want to believe in crazy and crazy invisible magical flying beings, that is your total right to, but equally, it’s my right to mock those beliefs when they collide with my individual rights


You should not discriminate against individuals on the basis of their religious belief, but that is vastly different from a that prevents you from criticising or even attacking the religion itself.

I read the terrorist’s manifesto and I don’t recall him referring to Trans Allies or gender identity, so why criminalising the misuse of pronouns is being mooted as a response to white supremacy terrorism is utterly beyond me! …

Why don’t we call this push for Gender Identity Hate Speech for what it really is? The criminalisation of Rachel Stewart & Ani O’Brien.

You have all seen how feral the trans between Gender Critical Feminists (TERFS by their enemies) and the Fourth Wave Feminist, Non Gender Binary Activist, Trans Ally Woke Stormtroopers has been online.

We’ve all seen the woke public shaming and cancel culture lynchings erupt in our social media feeds, like violent 1930s street fights as various factions attempt to mutilate the other for dominance.

The bewildering venom from this schism makes feuding Drug Cartels look tame.

I am putting money on the table that within a month of this passing, it will be immediately seized upon by the woke to make criminal complaints against leading voices of the Gender Critical Feminist movement, people like and Ani O’Brien for old tweets they will have sent arguing their case.

Sadly he is not wrong.

Watching the Woke allow the entire NZ Intelligence apparatus off the hook for their total failure with the terror attacks by demanding hate speech laws is one of the great intellectual failures of 2020 and 2021.

This is how ACT break 10% by June this year.

Might be right on that one also.

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