Is there any actual conversion therapy occuring in NZ?

Stuff reports:

The Green Party is calling on the Labour Government to urgently prioritise conversion therapy.

At Big Gay Out in on Sunday, Green Party spokesperson for Rainbow Communities, Dr Elizabeth Kerekere, will launch a petition calling on it to be prioritised.

“There is no place for in Aotearoa,” Dr Elizabeth Kerekere said in a statement.

is the pseudoscientific practice of trying to change someone’s or gender identity. …

“We must have the legislation introduced as soon as possible. As the weeks and months roll by, we risk more rainbow New Zealanders being exposed to this harmful practice.

Putting aside for one moment the merits of a ban, I’m interested in whether there is any actual happening in NZ? I don’t mean decades ago, but say in the last three years?

I mean New Zealand seems to be one of most tolerant countries in the world when it comes to sexual and gender identity. It doesn’t seem like a fertile place for promoting conversion therapy.

I would have thought those demanding that the Government give urgency to this issue over other stuff such as house prices, would have firm data on how prevalent this is in modern New Zealand.

I have no doubt it has occured in the past, but is it still occuring today?

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