Three biggest US Governors in trouble

Three of thr four Governors of the biggest states in the US are in trouble.

The largest state, California, has Governor Gavin Newsom (D) in trouble. His approval rating has dropped from 64% to 48% and he is facing a recall petition.

The organisers have until 17 March to get 1.5 million signatures. They so far have 1.825 million but need a margin as some will not be valid. If they get verified them the recall vote goes ahead and two questions are asked.

  1. Should Newsrom be recalled/sacked
  2. Who should replace him as Governor

Last recall over 130 candidates were on the ballot which means you can win with a low percentage. Newsom can’t be included in the names, if he loses the first part of the vote.

Texas is the second largest and the loss of life due to power outages during ice storms has hurt Governor Greg Abbott (R). His approval rating has dropped from 56% to 39%. He is facing re-election in 2022.

In New York (4th largest) Governor Andrew Cuomo has multiple ranging from hiding the number of deaths in rest homes to allegations of from a former staffer. He is in his third term and up again in 2022. A recent poll had only 38% saying he should get a 4th term.

So three of the big four Governors all in real trouble, but for very different reasons.

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