Winston’s female ex MPs walk

Newshub reports:

Newshub can reveal New Zealand Firsts two female MPs from the last Parliament, Tracey Martin and Jenny Marcroft, have resigned from the party.

Martin, a former Government minister, said she quit because what the party has become now is not the party she joined. She said New Zealand First no longer matched her values. 

When asked whether that related to policy or culture, Martin said both. 

This is not surprising. Around half of NZ First’s former MPs have fallen out with Winston and quit the party. And when it comes to female MPs, I think every single one has left.

NZ First has only had eight female MPs over 27 years and at least seven of them have quit the party entirely – Ann Batten, Jenny Bloxham, Deborah Morris, Robyn McDonald, Tracey Martin, Asenati Taylor and Jenny Marcroft. Possible Barbara Stewart also.

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