Another nice chap Labour wants to make eligible for parole

Meet Michael Parker. He had an ex-girlfriend. This is what he did to her:

  • Got angry as she wouldn’t do his washing
  • Dragged her to bed by her hair
  • Stomped on her head
  • Rubbed cat faeces into her face and hair
  • Bound her hands with tape
  • violated her with a bottle of mayonnaise
  • Kept the bottle in place with more tape
  • Forced a ball into her mouth and wrapped tape around her head
  • Poured water over her to simulate drowning
  • Tied an extension cord around her neck to a door handle
  • Pushed a pen deep into her ear
  • Threw a needle with syringe at her
  • Burnt her buttocks, legs and arm with a butane gas torch
  • Told her he was going to eat her skin

She probably only survived as she escaped. Sadly she is thought to have killed herself since.

He was sentenced to nine years in jail for this vicious torture and assault. Thanks to the three strikes law he is ineligible for parole. Otherwise he could have a non-parole period as short as just three years.

Now you might say perhaps this was a one off. He was just having a bad day, and he should keep parole eligibility as he might not offend in future.

Well he has 48 previous convictions including threatening to kill, assault and unlawful sexual connection. I think it is safe to say he is going to keep on offending.

And here is were three strikes gets even better. The next time he does something like this he won’t get nine years with parole eligibility in three years. He won’t get nine years. He’ll get the maximum sentence of 20 years.

But when Labour repeal this law, he will go back to getting a series of shorter sentences with parole eligibility.

Remember this animal and his poor victim, when Labour repeal the three strikes law.

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