Piers Morgan on the Meghan Oprah interview

Piers Morgan doesn’t hold back:

Here we had the Duke and Duchess of Privacy flinging out the filthy family laundry for the delectation of tens of millions of people all over the world, whilst simultaneously bleating about press intrusion.

They moaned about the terrible pain of their royal titles but were also outraged their son Archie wasn’t allowed to be a Prince.

They told of their constant trauma from nasty newspaper stories, but repeatedly insisted they never read any of them.

They claimed they were forced to sign gazillion-dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify because Prince Charles cut off their allowance, despite Harry inheriting millions from his late mother Princess Diana and having his entire life bankrolled by the Royal Family.

And so, it went nauseatingly on.

In the middle of a pandemic that has already taken over 2.5 million lives, a staggeringly rich and entitled couple living in a $14 million sun-kissed California mansion wanted us all to know that THEY are the real victims around here.

Meghan even compared her former life living in a palace to the crippling freedom-robbing existence of coronavirus lockdowns, which must have sounded so empathetic to large families living at the top of tower blocks with three kids they’re trying to home-school and no job to pay for food.

‘I couldn’t even meet my friends for lunch!’ wailed the Duchess of Delusion, flew to New York for a $500,000 baby shower with all her new-found celebrity pals, then flew back to London like any good eco-warrior on George Clooney’s carbon footprint guzzling private jet.

The sense of entitlement was so strong. Demanding their children be HRHs when the children of other siblings of monarchs (or heirs) are not, such as Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

Complaining they lost the financial support of the Royal Family, after they decided to pull out of being working royals.

‘Nobody told me how to curtsy or sing the British national anthem,’ wailed a 39-year-old woman, married to someone can probably help with both.


In terms of the claim that got lots of attention about concern over the colour of her children, this article notes that Markle and Harry contradicted each other over when the alleged conversation happened.

The massive change in behaviour and attitudes by Prince Harry used to baffle me, until I listened to a US podcast about a survivor. She was a very senior executive, but her partner manipulated her but by bit to isolate her from all her friends and family, so that the only person she still had a strong relationship was him. And then he got her to move away to another city.

Note I am not suggesting Markle is physically abusive in any way, but that what she has done with Harry is pretty textbook psychological manipulation.

Not that at the end of the day I care that greatly. I like the UK Royal Family as a British institution but I strongly support NZ becoming a Republic. Then their antics will matter even less to us.

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