Piers Morgan on how Trump can win

Piers Morgan looks at how Trump can win the presidency. His ten points are:

  1. “Crooked Hillary” meme
  2. His family – aesthetically pleasing, articulate charmers
  3. The TV debates – Trump is a TV superstar and natural showman who loves working the camera and audiences
  4. The Rust Belt – win over Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
  5. VP Pick of Mike Pence – locks in conservative voters
  6. His gut – follows guts instinct not focus groups
  7. Social media – Has 10.1 million followers on Twitter
  8. Get organised – needs a top back room team
  9. Charm – show his softer side
  10. “Crooked Hillary” – when in doubt use this again

The polls show Trump got a boost from the convention but Clinton still ahead on average. The state polls will be the real ones to watch out for.

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