If you lose then by definition you have done the wrong thing

Stuff reports:

Parliamentary Service boss Rafael Gonzalez-Montero says he is totally confident that he did the right thing by suspending a parliamentary staff-member who was accused of wrongdoing. …

Under questioning from National in the Governance and Administration Select Committee on Wednesday, Gonzalez-Montero said he was confident he had treated the man fairly – suspending him with pay while he re-investigated a complaint made about him.

After National MP Michael Woodhouse asked whether he might settle the ongoing case, which has cost the public purse at least $37,500, Gonzalez-Montero said he was unwilling to settle.

“I simply believe that we have done nothing wrong, so I’m not willing to settle,” Gonzalez-Montero said.

“I’d rather lose because we have done the right thing.”

Umm, if you lose then it is precisely because you have done the wrong thing, not the right thing.

The problem is that it is us taxpayers who fork up if the case is lost.

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