If you’re going to promote curfews …

Virginia Fallon writes:

The murder of British woman Sarah Everard has highlighted the dangers women face as we go about what should be the innocuous business of walking on our own at night.

Everard disappeared after leaving a friend’s South London house about 9.30pm to walk home, a trip that should have taken about 50 minutes. London police officer Wayne Couzens has been charged with the 33-year-old’s murder and kidnapping, and the crime has sparked an international outcry about the abuse and danger faced by women who dare to walk alone.

The murder was horrific, and it has been great to see so many speak up to demand change. It is sad and even disgusting that women in many areas have to fear being out at night by themselves.

UK member Jenny Jones even called for a 6pm curfew for men, which isn’t the worst idea

By saying it isn’t the worst idea, is an implicit endorsement implying it has some merit.

The case is that as men are responsible for a disproportionate share of violent crimes against women, then the way you make it safer for women is to not allow men out at night.

Now if you are one of those who cheer that sentiment, how would you feel if it was changed from one demographic overly represented in violent crime stats to another?

If someone suggested a 6 pm curfew for Maori New Zealanders because they are responsible for a disproportionate share of violent crimes, it would rightfully be howled down and seen as repugnant.

So maybe the answer isn’t targeting people on a demographic they have no control over, but targeting the actual causes of such crimes.

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