Unions and businesses support Nat policy

TVNZ report:

Two cases linked to the recent Valentines Day outbreak broke the rules and went to work, despite being told to stay home. And an unusual pairing – the Party and the Greens – both believe it is proof more support is needed.

National Party Judith Collins has been pondering on whether there is enough financial support available to those ordered to stay home.

Her party is now calling on the Government to pay 100 per cent of a person's wages for two weeks if they have been told to self-isolate.

“The idea really is to make it easier for people to do the right thing and recognising that a lot of New Zealanders are living week-to-week off their wages and they don't really have any spare cash to get them through.”

is common sense. If the Government orders you not to go to work, then the Government should pay your wages for that period you are self-isolating.

Fulltime workers who need to self-isolate are eligible for almost $1200 and part-time workers $700 as a lump sum for a two-week period, paid directly to employers.

$1,200 is $15 per hour so Labour is saying that if you are forced to stay home and not work, they won't even pay you the minimum wage, let alone a , let alone your actual wage!

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