Little bullshitting to Pike families

Newshub reports:

A father whose son was killed at Pike River says the responsible for the mine recovery is trying to scare the families into silence.

Newshub has obtained a recording of Andrew Little warning families that speaking publicly and pushing to go further into the mine could jeopardise the prosecution case. 

What a load of bullshit.

Apart from the that there isn’t really a prosecution case anyway, even if there was how on Earth could families saying they want to go further in, jeopardise it?

Newshub has obtained a recording of Little meeting some of the families, suggesting if people speak out they might not get justice. 

“It has the potential to undermine the prosecution,” Little can be heard saying. 

“What I find personally annoying about some of the recent public statements is that here’s the police trying to get on with the job and do the best they can to get the evidence they need from the ventilation fan and there are other people going around and saying that’s not good enough. That has a real potential to undermine the prosecution case.”

Someone should have asked how? Pretty disgusting behaviour from the former of Justice to scaremonger like that in an attempt to do political damage control.

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