Lucky to have only got 15 years

Stuff reports:

A convicted murderer who received his third strike warning when he was jailed for stabbing a man to death over a gang debt has failed to fight his sentence of a minimum of 15 years behind bars.

Matthew Winara Webber, 31, was sentenced to life imprisonment in September last year for the murder of Shayne George Heappey.

He is only the second person in New Zealand to be convicted of murder as his third strike offence.

The gall of this guy. He could have and arguably should have been given life without parole or a 20 year minimum. The kind hearted judge only gave him a 15 year minimum, and he appealed that.

Here is his previous offending:

  • 2008: Male assaults female
  • 2010: Wounding with intent to injure
  • 2010: Aggravated robbery and assault with intent to rob
  • 2015: Aggravated robbery
  • 2015: Assault with intent to injure
  • 2018: Assault with intent to injure
  • 2018: Murder
  • 2020: Assaulting a Corrections officer

Anyone really think he is going to come out, get a job, and stop beating, robbing and killing people?

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