National says no to quotas

Stuff reports:

leader says it will not implement any kind of quotas to increase its diversity.

The wider party is currently considering a bevy of measures to increase the party’s diversity, including the introduction of Treaty of Waitangi principles into its constitution. …

The review suggests National “develop a diversity plan” and “embed diversity into National’s DNA”.

Specifically it recommended updating the process the party uses for selecting candidates in electorate seats and using the party list to “bring in diverse and high-quality talent, regardless of the election result.”

Collins told Stuff that she would not comment on any specific recommendation ahead of party members voting on them at year’s regional conferences.

She said the party would not go any further than what was recommended and introduce quotas.

“The believes in equality, we don’t believe in quotas,” Collins said.

Good to see. Quotas are a terrible idea and they reduce individuals to whether they tick a box.

You can be heavily in favour of increasing diversity and strongly against using quotas to do so.

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