Wrong Woods

Stuff reports:

Housing Megan Woods will correct the record after misleading Parliament by telling MP Nicola Willis to read-up on documents that haven’t been published. 

Willis, National’s housing spokesperson, criticised the Government last week for producing a “one page back-of-the envelope” fact-sheet on its $3.8 billion Housing Acceleration Fund.

Willis asked Dr Woods in Parliament why she had “failed to publish anything about how the fund will work beyond this one-sided piece of A4 paper”, given she has more than 2000 housing officials working for her.

Dr Woods said there was a “substantial body of work” behind the fund, which had been “proactively released”, and she suggested Willis read it. 

Dr Woods said: “All the documents that sit behind this, in a substantial body of work that sits behind this work, have been proactively released. I suggest the member reads them, because she’s clearly confused.”

But it appears the Housing was confused.

Her office confirmed to the documents she was referring to have not yet been released.

Not a good idea to accuse an MP of being confused when you don’t have your facts right.

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