A nonsense poll

The Herald reports:

Māori voters responded to a Horizons Regional Council survey overwhelmingly support bringing in Māori wards next year.

Councillors have been given the results of a Horizons survey mailed to nearly 18,500 individuals on the Māori electoral roll who are enrolled to vote in the Horizons region.

Ninety-six per cent of the responses were in favour of the regional council establishing Māori constituencies in time for next year's local body elections.

What a waste of money. They did a poll of people who had already chosen to be on a roll asking them if they support a Maori roll. Of course 96% said yes.

What they should have done is survey all voters in the area and break the results down as follows:

  • Non-Maori
  • Maori on general roll
  • Maori on Maori roll

That may have given some useful info on what locals think and how it differs between groups. But doing a poll solely of Maori who have already chosen to be on a Maori roll is a nonsense.

It's like members of the Liverpool AFC whether or not they support Liverpool.

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