Some potential judicial changes

For those interested in the law, some interesting recommendations from the Judicial Rules Committee, focused on improving civil justice. Their recommendations include:

  • Increase the maximum threshold for the Disputes Tribunal from $30,000 to at least $50,000 and possibly $100,000. Possibly expand appeal rights for cases above $50,000.
  • Rename the Disputes Tribunal to the Small Claims Court or Community Court.
  • Appoint a Principal Civil District Court Judge to oversee and strengthen the civil registry of the District Court
  • Allow for senior lawyers to work as part-time Deputy Judges
  • Require more evidence at the High Court to be documentary rather than oral, except where there is a significant factual contest

Looks like sensible reform proposals. The status quo is not satisfactory as the costs of civil litigation are rarely worth pursing it as an option.

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