The shame of the BBC

Most will have seen the news that revealed the BBC had used forged documents to not just convince Princesss Diana to do an interview with Martin Bashir, but Bashir spent months poisoning Diana and her brother against the Royal Family with lies about her private secretary, the security services etc.

The most in depth story on what happened is (ironically) at the BBC. Worth a read to see how bad it was, and how unrepentant Bashir is. He should be facing charges for forgery, not just out of a job. But while he is the main culprit, the BBC bosses of the time covered up with an inadequate inquiry that didn’t even talk to Earl Spencer show the rot went deeper.

The tabloids are rightly pilloried for the phone hacking they did. Arguably what the BBC did was worse. They forged documents and rather than merely report the news, they created it by poisoning Diana against the Royal Family with lies – just so they could get an interview.

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