Ambassador Goff?

The Herald reports:

Phil Goff has expressed an interest in a diplomatic posting overseas if the opportunity arises, but is committed to seeing out the current term as mayor of Auckland.

Rumours are circulating in Wellington and Auckland that Goff could be off to Washington as New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United States, replacing career diplomat Rosemary Banks who has been in the role since February 2018.

Goff told the Weekend Herald he had heard the rumours but would stay on as mayor of Auckland for the full three-year term of office, which ends in October next year.

“I’m elected to serve three years as mayor of this city and that is what I intend to do.”

Goff said he will decide early next year whether to seek a third term as mayor.

The deal is done. Labour need to hold Auckland and Goff is unpopular. So he gets Ambassador to Washington (a role he is most suited for) and Labour’s candidate will be Richard Hills who has been standing for elective office since he was 25.

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