Good ideas for upgrading our Covid-19 strategy

Some good ideas from Amanda Kvalsvig, Nick Wilson, and Michael Baker on upgrading out Covid-19 response. They include:

  • Having different settings for mask usage, to try and prevent doing a lockdown. At low risk have masks required on public transport, flights, rest homes, taxis and healthcare providers. At high risk require masks in indoor workplaces, secondary schools, universities, shops and social settings.
  • Make the Covid-19 app mandatory to use in cafes, bars, gyms, churches
  • Ensure all border and frontline staff are vaccinated and tested regularly
  • Have enough vaccine stock available to mass vaccinate a region that has an outbreak
  • Pay people to stay at home if they are a contact of someone with Covid-19
  • Mandatory use of Covid-19 app for arriving travellers

All these proposals would make it less likely we have another outbreak and/or a lockdown.

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