How Bizarre is MIQ in mid-2021

I am sure there are others in similar situations (and partners/families of valued workers left overseas) so thinking this may be worth a mention.

Karen and I have a son, daughter-in-law, and seven month old grand-child in Albany (NY).

About six weeks ago she travelled there for a well documented compassionate reason. While there she got vaccinated and has the documentation. She was almost entirely with people who were also vaccinated and was in low risk areas (life also pretty normal there – with no travel restrictions).

Returning to NZ – herded into MIQ. At least three negative tests so far – on top of the vaccine. First three days not even allowed out to exercise. The fact that she is vaccinated seemingly ignored by government, MBIE, MOH. This calls into question the NZ vaccination process and credibility in the first place (or maybehighlights being last in the developed world).

Yesterday our grand-daughter was born in Auckland. For compassionate reasons Karen’s assistance would be of great value in that situation too. She has applied and applied but gets well written (a la spin doctors – described by Andrea Vance) “talk to the hand”.

To add insult to injury – today she gets told that the official letter she has that says that she gets out this Saturday is somehow wrong and it is now next Tuesday.

The easy argument is – “it is only a few more days” – but how many times would people be in the same town, in a Western democracy, as their first grand-daughter and be prevented from seeing her and helping in her first week?

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