The Hitler loving journalists

Spiked writes:

Let me get this right – both the BBC and have reporters who praised Adolf Hitler? Both of these broadcasting giants of the liberal elite have contributors who said the Führer was right? We need to talk about this. This is not normal in any way whatsoever. It speaks to a serious sickness at the heart of the so-called liberal establishment.

I think their thought process is along the lines of I support Palestine because all my friends do. Jews in Israel won’t give up their country therefore Jews are bad and Hitler should have killed them all.

In 2014, during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge offensive against Hamas, Halawa tweeted ‘#HitlerWasRight’. We can be pretty sure she didn’t mean he was right to have been a vegetarian or to have been a fan of Beethoven. She also said, ‘Israel is more Nazi than Hitler’ – my emphasis. This is a vile anti-Semitic slur, in which the Jewish state or the Jewish people are essentially accused of having internalised the attitudes and behaviour of the regime that tried to wipe them out 80 years ago. Halawa also tweeted that ‘ur media is produced by ur zionist government in order 2 produce ignorant people’ and ‘#Zionists can’t get enough of our blood’.

Considering how virulently anti-Israel the mainstream media is, the irony of a BBC reporter claiming that the Jews control the media is beyond satire.

’s seeming fan of Hitler is one Adeel Raja. He is a freelance journalist in Pakistan. He isn’t employed by CNN but he has contributed to the channel in recent years. This month, as the Israel-Hamas conflict flared up once more, Raja tweeted: ‘The world today needs another Hitler.’ Yes, that’s right – the American news giant that has spent the past five years telling us that everything is fascism, constantly insisting that Trumpism and Brexit and other revolts have ugly echoes of the 1930s, had a contributor who wants Hitler to return to teach those filthy Jews a lesson. To borrow a phrase from journalism on this side of the pond: you couldn’t make it up.

It wasn’t the first time Raja expressed admiration for Hitler. In 2014, during the World Cup, he tweeted: ‘The only reason I am supporting Germany in the finals – Hitler was a German and he did good with those Jews.’

Sounds a lovely guy.

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