A challenger to Shaw

Newshub reports:

James Shaw is “quietly confident” he isn’t about to lose the Green Party co-leadership role after a Dunedin-based activist announced a challenge. 

James Cockle, a software developer living in Dunedin, has revealed he will challenge Shaw, an MP since 2014 and current Minister for Climate Change, for the party’s male leadership role at its upcoming annual general meeting (AGM), where the leaders are re-elected. 

“I am running because I believe it is time for the Greens to share their vision of what New Zealand would look like under Green Party leadership,” Cockle said in one of several videos he has released explaining his run. 

“I believe the time is right for the Greens to become a major party in this country, to become the major party and to become the Government. I believe that is what we ought to be going for now.” …

He wants to see “real leadership” and “direction” and for the party not to be “Labour’s little helper”. Under him, the Greens would take a conservationist approach to consumption, support the rewilding of natural spaces, and ensure social institutions leave nobody behind.

Shaw will win of course. What will be interesting is how many votes Cockle gets. Under 10%, Under 20%. If more than 20%, that would be significant.

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