Andrew Little MUST Fund Gumboot Friday

On Wednesday of this week at we had the privilege of hosting three Mike King events. Mike is not perfect but he is great. Low IQ Ministry officials tell Andrew Little (the Minister of Health) that he (MK) is “difficult”! Seriously – if NZ has got to that point we are in the crap.

Mike King’s Gumboot Friday programme – the best I have seen since I started as a teacher in 1991 – would cost (fully funded as it ought to be) $1 per NZer each year – and enhance the well-being of many young people as well as the stats for saving lives.

Please email – and simply say FT (GF) Programme (i.e. FTP)

How serious is this?

-September 9/11 – 2996 deaths spending to combat this … US$617 billion.

-Ten Years of NZ Suicide Deaths to June 2020 = 5931 people – bugger-all funding – except to people who waffle.

Announced – NZ$1.9billion … i.e. 5 extra beds and NOTHING for Mike King’s GumBoot Friday programme.

It is time to FSU. We had National’s Matt Doocey (spokesman for Mental Health)- in Russell for the Mike King events. He is in the wrong party. I have never met a more insipid and ineffective spokesperson for a cause and he reflected that the day after in the House. Completed missed the point and being called out for his BS by Mike King.

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