Another sneaky change

The Herald reports:

The Government denies accusations it has “sneakily” changed the vaccination rollout dates after wording on the Ministry of Health’s website was altered.

On the Unite Against Covid-19 website, which provides estimates on timeframes for the staged vaccine rollout by priority group, the wording for Group 4 has been changed from “being vaccinated from 28 July” to “they will be able to book their vaccinations from 28 July”.

It comes after the Ministry was accused in May of quietly changing the timeline on when the general public will be vaccinated from “from July” to “from the end of July”, without publicising the change.

So the public were promised that Group 4 (ie everyone else) would be able to get vaccinated from July. Then they changes it to be from 28 July, ie just before the end of the month. And now it turns out all you can do on that date is book yourself in for a vaccination at some future date which could be August or September.

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