Little says Peters welshed on entering the mine

Newshub reports:

Andrew Little has rubbished Winston Peters’ claims the Government broke its promise to the Pike River families by giving up on the reentry at the mine’s drift. 

The New Zealand First leader has filed an affidavit saying the previous Government – of which he was Deputy Prime Minister – committed to going deeper into the mine, where 29 men lost their lives in a series of explosions in November 2010. 

The men’s bodies are still there after a decade of investigations and conflicting safety advice. 

Peters once swore he’d be the first person to go into the mine once it was reopened, but Little – the minister responsible for the re-entry – said he never walked the talk. 

“In the three years that I was in Government with him, I invited him many, many times down to the Pike River project, the recovery project he at one point had said he wanted to lead the way in… he never went down,” Little told Newshub Nation on Saturday. 

“In all the three years of Government, he never went down.”

Sounds like Little is calling Peters a chicken.

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