NZ abandons Afghan interpreters

The Herald reports:

Afghan interpreters and other civilians who helped the New Zealand war effort say they feel “desperate, hopeless and terrified” after learning the evacuation mission had ended, leaving them and their families behind.

The Government is to blame twice over for this.

Firstly the Minister turned them down for visas as recently as two months ago.

Secondly it became apparent the two weeks ago that the situation in Afghanistan was becoming dire. Rather than have Cabinet meet urgently on Friday, they took the weekend off and left the decision to try and evacuate them for three days until Monday.

Ali*, who has worked with the NZDF and acquired a visa to be evacuated to New Zealand, said none of the group of 37 Afghan civilians who helped the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team (NZ PRT) in the Bamiyan Province – including interpreters, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, cleaners, and female kitchen workers – had made it out.

All they can do is hope the 2021 Taliban are less vicious than the 2001 Taliban.

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